The Truck Frame & Axle Repair Association (T.A.R.A.) will host its Spring Meeting Feb. 24-27, 2020 in Atlanta, Ga.

The meeting will be held in conjunction with TMC 20, the Technology & Maintenance Council annual meeting & transportation technology exhibition, which is home to trucking’s leading fleet professionals, vehicle manufacturers, and component suppliers. TMC is North America’s premier technical conference for trucking, and it’s a must-attend event to stay current on industry practices.

“TMC Is the largest and most recognized authority for truck and trailer repair information in the industry. T.A.R.A. is very grateful to be a part of a task force and study group that will deal with collision repair,” said William Hinchcliffe, T.A.R.A. president. “TMC has started a Collision Repair Task Force to study and recommend proper repair practices for frame correction, refinishing and first steps after a collision loss. This group will certainly evolve into more repair standards for truck and trailer repairs. If a shop repairs trucks and they want to be the knowledgeable repairer, a person can\’t get information like this anywhere else in the industry.”

T.A.R.A. is the standard bearer within the heavy-duty truck frame and axle repair industry. The association’s mission is to protect and serve the interests of all stakeholders through advocacy and the establishment of repair standards.

At the spring meeting, the task force will be the main focus. “At last year’s meeting, we were fortunate enough to have several frame equipment manufacturers [in attendance] and they were extremely helpful in getting the task force started,” Hinchcliffe said. “The area with the most interesting subject was the electronic sensors in place on today’s trucks. We will try to get more information out on this topic.”

TARA’s network of heavy truck repair experts is a critical asset to the transportation industry. TARA’s member shops are the preferred choice of fleets nationwide because they adhere to rigorous repair standards and maintain a laser focus on attention to detail and 100 percent customer satisfaction. All TARA-endorsed repair facilities are required to be fully equipped with certified technicians and the latest technology and equipment to conduct heavy truck, tractor & trailer frame, cab, body, axle, housing, suspension, wheel balancing and alignment repair services. This standard provides peace-of-mind to fleet owners and ensures that all repairs meet or exceed OEM and insurance industry standards.

The meetings will be held at the Georgia World Congress & Exposition Center in Atlanta.

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