Summer Recap 2019

Members & Friends

It’s Been a long time since I have communicated with you and I would like to apologize at this time for allowing the time lapse.

A lot has happened in the last year. We have several new members and associates. Interest in the association certainly has grown since our last meeting at the TMC in Georgia.

Chris Sterwerf of Fairfield Auto & Truck has been diligently working on a task force at the TMC for Collision repair standards in the trucking industry. TARA met with TMC to support Chris and the Trucking Industry. I would like to announce here that it worked!

“Truck Frame Correction Task Force” is official with TMC

This is a huge win for our association and any shop that does Frame Correction. We were able to secure support from several of the OEM’s that were at TMC. In the future we will need help from all the members with ideas and facts regarding frame correction. At the TARA meeting we had several of the Frame tooling manufacturers and everyone of them were excited to jump in and get this ball rolling.

The other Collision repair group task force is focusing on the immediate steps taken after an accident. This should interest some of the Insurance Adjusters in TARA and NTHECC. I will try to get more information out to you on this group as well.

Chris Sterwerf and I will be attending the fall TMC representing TARA in Raleigh NC. September 15 -19,    I would welcome anyone (member or not) that cares to join Chris and myself.

At our last meeting we had speakers from several segments of the industry which afforded a lot of knowledge to our group. A lot of eyes were opened by the WABCO presentation on the future of truck and trailer manufacturing. Future production standards are going to change the repair industry permanently. (have you seen the composite trailer or the Electric Trucks being put in service?)  You are going to have to get information quicker than you presently do. I can not think of a better platform than the TMC to get education and information. I’m proud that TARA can be part of the future solutions.

Last year I was able to get TARA members into the TMC exhibits and study groups. I have a request into TMC now to see if we can meet again at the TMC Annual Meeting at the Georgia World Congress February 24 – 27. Mark your calendars with these dates, If all goes well we will have a TARA meeting with TMC again on these dates.

Thank You

Bill Hinchcliffe

Acting director TARA