Recommended Repair Procedures (RP) for Truck Frame Correction

TARA is working with the American Truck Association’s TMC to form Recommended Repair Procedures (RP) for Truck frame correction. 

This will be the recommended RP by TMC to all Collision repairs to Heavy Duty Trucks in the future.

I’m enclosing the beginning draft which outlines where we are going with this RP.


Since you are in the business or have an interest in Truck Frame Correction, I would like your input in this undertaking. Give me your thoughts on the items in the Road Map Section of the draft, please.

TMC annual meeting is Feb 23 – 27.  I will need to get your input soon. You can E-mail me at or info@taraassociation  – or give me a call @ 585.703.4295

TARA Meeting will be Monday 2/24/2020 at the TMC in Atlanta.

Details soon at

TMC information is at

I strongly urge you to look at any of these websites and invite you to participate in this industry-wide program by attending either the TMC or the TARA meeting in Feb 2020.

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