“Truck Frame & Axle Repair Association” (TARA) spring meeting is being held in conjunction with “TMC”.

If you are in the business of Truck Collision repair you will not find a better educational experience than the TMC.

If you never attended a TMC event, your missing all the information and networking made possible and available in just one location.

TMC is the largest event in the trucking industry. Attendance at a meeting runs into the 1000’s and TMC continues to be the Industry’s hotspot for showcasing technology.

“TARA” members have joined forces and is in the start-up stages of the new “Collision Repair” Study Groups. If you repair trucks, this is a must attend event.

The Truck Frame and Axle Repair Association (TARA) is the standard bearer within the heavy truck frame and axle repair industry. Our mission is to protect and serve the interests of all stakeholders through advocacy and the establishment of repair standards.


Truck Frame and Axle Repair Association

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Phone: (585) 703-4295


TARA provides technicians with educational programs that keep TARA shops ahead of the rest in diagnosing and repairing frame, front end, suspension, brake and handling problems.

“Being a TARA member is like having your own Internet of the best minds in the industry,”
Ken Dias of Dias Spring, Erie, PA.

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