Our Mission Statement

To associate and band together in one association the members of the Truck-frame and Axle repair industry in pursuit of the common purpose of mutual benefit and assistance to its members and the general public as follows:

  1. To promote and to protect the interests of the owners, firms and employees engaged in the heavy truck and frame repair industry.
  2. To stimulate and develop business between TARA members.
  3. To provide a medium of interchange for ideas, plans, and promotions which are deemed to be of common interest to those within the trade.
  4. To inform owners and operators of heavy motor vehicles on matters dealing with their constitutional rights and responsibilities.
  5. To alert and interest the public in the broad problems involved in highway safety and on-the-road and off-the-road vehicles and equipment.
  6. To inspire, support, and propose legislation on local, state, and national levels in the interest and safety of the owners, firms, and employees within the industry.
  7. To offer a shield of protection to the public against any unfair practice by persons within or outside the association.
  8. To consider such other matters which the officers, executive board, and the members of association deem of importance to the welfare of the industry and the public.
  9. And to otherwise promote the general welfare and the best interests of the members of said association and the public generally.

TARA provides Technician Continuing Education Programs to keep TARA shops ahead or the rest in diagnosing and repairing frame, front end, suspension, brake and handling problems.

“Being a TARA member is like having your own Internet of the best minds in the industry,” says Ken Dias of Dias Spring, Erie, PA.